07/2017 | body / sound / space
best of performances

Working on the video trailer for BODY/SOUND/SPACE together with Elena Martín-Lobera. BODY/SOUND/SPACE is an event at KAPU featuring performance, concerts, fine arts and audiovisual art. Release date will be fixed soon. Visit KAPU for further information.
06/2017 | bigger dimensions bigger art
concert at Salonschiff Frl. Florentine, Linz

playing a concert on 20th of June as part of the opening ceremony of the sculpture-exhibition bigger dimensions bigger art, initiated and organized by Kunsthalle Linz. Artists: Moritz Benatzky & Florian Hummer, Matthias Lindtner, Klaus Taschler, Nico Wintschnig
05/2017 | ssSWhSCH
music performance at Symposion Lindabrunn

playing a concert on 23rd of May as part of the opening ceremony of this year's edition of Symposion Lindabrunn.
10/2016 | screnning mkh° Sommerprojekt
SPOTS - A youth media project

The project SPOTS aimed for a cinematic, photographic and literary thematization of the use of public and semi-public spaces, which are essential for developing identity not to mention youth culture. Screening: 22nd of October at the Medien Kultur Haus, Wels.
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